Tuesday, June 14, 2011

five faves (3rd edition)

Wonderful ACE summary.  She offers tons of insight and info to help guide your thoughts about whether ACE is the right fit for your family or not.  She put words to a lot of my own thoughts.     

I’ve been thinking and mulling and searching for what I wanted to do with Geography next year.  When I stumbled on this wonderful online tool thanks to a fellow workbox poster!  The best news is…it’s free!  She’s already done all the work by listing books and other resources needed to study each country.   

Holy Moly do I LOVE this website!  SO many wonderfully fun games.  A great “play to learn” spot that needs to be bookmarked. I’m even planning to dare Toby to a USA map off to see which one of us can complete the puzzle first!  But shhhhhhh don’t tell him that I’m practicing up!  

These chore charts are Oh My Goodness adorable!  Now I just need to make friends with a crafts-y mommy who can hook me up with the garden themed one.  Cause it’s just too cute! 

You know that blue tape you’re supposed to use when trying not to accidentally paint your trim the same color as your walls?  Let’s just say I need it by the barrel full!  I’m a sloppy (or it could be impatient?) painter.  Which is why my Hubs usually does the painting around here.  But a teacher friend tipped me off to another fantastic use for it that I just have to share with you…  To hang projects and papers on your classroom (or whichever room) walls!  How much $$ have I wasted on those silly (read: wicked pricey) poster hangers that claim to not damage the walls?  Too much, I say!  But no more!  Now…I grace our Wall of Fame with Painter’s Tape holding the works of art up!  It’s so much less expensive and won’t damage the (lovingly painted by Daddy) walls that I’m more generous about letting the kids build an art studio in their room.  Love the stuff!     


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