Friday, May 20, 2011

budding art-ee-st


I love that she’s suddenly into coloring. 


Makes me sappy & nostalgic.  I loved coloring books when I was her age. 


to organize and blog 001


I also love that her much pleaded for and prized (and only!) birthday present -


Kanani Akina


was joining in the fun! 


to organize and blog 002


And when she asked if she could create her very own art studio…


to be organized and blogged 024




that just totally melted me!


to be organized and blogged 023




  1. Such great photos! I especially laughed at the photo with Kanani in it- my 9 year old absolutely adores Kanani and bought her with her own money! Thanks for visiting my blog! Sorry to hear it is so cold there- we have a high of 91 today-ugh! Our air conditioner has been on since last month.

  2. Beautiful works of art from a lovely little artist!