Monday, May 23, 2011

50 state scavenger hunt update


Who knew State treasure hunting could be so fun?!  We’ve only been at this for a few weeks and already’ve collected 45 out of 50 States. 




Leaving a difference of 5 remaining.  I make the kiddos keep the numbers.  We’re on the hunt for…






Both Dakotas






Our booklet also includes room for the 5 US territories.  Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Marinia Islands.  We haven’t found any of these yet.  Bringing our total needed to 10.


There are also 3 additional special quarter slots.  District of Columbia, the Washington and Commemorative Quarters.  We’re 2:3 outta these.


When you add and subtract all the variables above that means our total left to find is 11.  Which Binti figured out the easy way for me this morning by counting the remaining empty slots.    


It’s been fun adding a little living math to our errand running.  What kiddo doesn’t love a scavenger hunt!  I just never expected to be trolling my change for our missing quarters too! 


Also…in case you hadn’t heard the US Mint offers wonderful lesson plans designed around the collectible quarters!  I’m thinking to add this to our summer sneaky school.  You know, where I try to promote educational fun right under their noses…




  1. Ooo thanks for that link, this sounds absolutely perfect!

  2. Aunt Tiffany and I (Bibi) went on a hunt and we found two Idahos, Maine, and a North Dakota!! If you will still need them, I will pack them!! Love, Bibi