Friday, May 20, 2011

my five fave finds of the week (2nd edition)

I’m always a fan when someone else does the work for me!  Also…it’s nice to see another mom dealing with the same character training issues as me!

LOVE it!  Because…well…I LOVE Disney.  And I’m totally forcing The Hubs to take us next year!


He’s cute AND smart!  While it might sound conspiracy theorist, there are crazy people out there who’d love to steal your life.  It’s one of the dangers of sharing your life wide open via a blog.  I’ve often worried that someone would capitalize on Trevy’s cute face and sad story for financial gain.  Stop rolling your eyes…it happens!  So when I stumbled across Copy Gator, I was all over it!  And I feel more protected.   

Because I’m always looking for fresh ways to improve our flow!

I’d consider myself Montessori-ish.  Although I don’t have the training…I deeply believe in the theory of hands-on learning.  Montessori for Everyone offers gobs of resources and even some free downloads!  Great for moms who need some extra guidance and are into hands on learning methods! 

And a bonus…just for you!  Also, I couldn’t wait until my next 5 faves to share… 

My newest favorite homeschool blog! 


  1. I use Erica's things too she has such nice items to offer:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH:)

  2. Me too...I like when I don't have to make something!


  3. We Love disney too!!! It's our obsession! hahaa!
    I used to work there, we were married there, we go every year etc..etc..

    We are headed back in August this year! YAY!

  4. I can totally see you rockin' Disney! We're planning to go next Spring! You'll have to fill me in on any tips you know for best prices!