Sunday, May 15, 2011

my five fave finds of the week

Super adorable and just perfectly printable for my playdough mat project!

I just loooooove this post for all the practical advice!  How many times have I felt guilty when I’ve had Toby re-take a test.  Like somehow I’m cheating.  When really…I’m teaching.  Because we’re working on mastery not test-ery!  A great read!  

How great is it that you can test drive their products?!  And I have my eye on the 10 week Solar System Unit Study for next year. 

You know all those blogs you stumbled on and fell in love with.  Only to click away and forget to hop back over for another look-see.  And there wasn’t a Feedburner option on the sidebar to help you out.  Have you mourned those losses too?  

Then allow me to introduce you to your new bloggy BFF -  Feedblitz!  

How can I even call myself a Blogger Mommy and not have known about this little gem?  Sheesh!  (I love that the convo came up in my workbox forum!) All you have to do is copy & paste the url into the subscription box and wah-lah…it’ll be delivered to your inbox!  No more losing track of great reads! 

Bubble Center
(inspired by Michelle of Michelle’s Charm World)

You can read her post here.  I loooooved the idea so much that I had to share!  And you really should subscribe to her blog.  SO much energy, creativity, and wonderful ideas! 

I hate hate hate having loose bubble containers everywhere!  My life is cluttered enough! 

to be blogged 014

Speaking of clutter.  I had this counter top water dispenser just taking up space in a basket on top of my fridge.  Too cute to toss.  But totally unneeded now that we have a fridge with a water dispenser in the door.

to be blogged 015

So whenever Michelle posted about filling it up with all those half full bottles of bubbles that get shoved here, there, and everywhere…

I was, like, Oh My Word…that’s awesome!  I love it! 

And promptly set about pouring them all in and recycling the now empty bubble bottles of all sizes. 



  1. That is a great idea for the bubbles. Thank you for linking up at NOBH. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Awesome link post!! I love these types of posts; keep 'em coming!!

  3. OOo Love the Solar system unit!!
    Thanks for the shout out too! Glad i could pass the idea along to you!

    Here is our bubble post:

  4. Lynda...thanks! too! I love when someone else does the work for me! ;)

    Michelle...thanks, luv. You're all linked in now. My OCD is happy. ;) You totally deserve a shout-out!