Monday, May 16, 2011

sneaky math: princess style



I am not a princess-y kinda girl.  I’ve always been more tomboy-ish.  Into sports and mucking stalls to earn free riding lessons.  My dad used to tease that I was the only person he knew who enjoyed scooping horse poo.  That was me.


But Binti (Swahili – daughter) is different.  She’s naturally drawn to all things glittery and girly.  A little Fashionista in the making.  Much more interested in what she’s wearing to school than the actual school part. 


:: smile ::  


need to organize 002


So when she asked if we could have a Painting Party I decided to sneak some math concepts into the fun. 


I let her choose two colors to create our first pattern. 


need to organize 001


And then asked if we invited two more colors to the party how many would that make?


Definitely a more Kinesthetic Learner having her little mitts on the nail polish bottles helped her quickly figure out the answer. 


need to organize 003


We also worked a little subtraction in the mix every time she changed her mind on a particular choice.  She’s very fickle with her color loves. 


need to organize 004


I even let her paint my toe nails (I’ll spare your eyes with NO pictures of my hobbit feet!).  She painted each a different color. 


And never knew she was building some math skills along the way! 



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