Tuesday, May 17, 2011

science and a side of scrambled eggs



Sappy hit me right in the heart this morning. 


The days are ticking by so quickly.  School is coming to an end.  Captain Slugger is finishing up this Science PACE.   Only one more left to go for this year.  Yikes! 


This is our only year just me n’ him.  The years before we had Littles under foot.  Next year his sister will be home with us.  This is our only year just mommy and son.   


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Now that the end is in sight I’m thinking I haven’t appreciated it enough. 


Mommy guilt always finds me an easy target.


So I decided to make him breakfast this morning while he worked on his Science at the kitchen island.  One of the many things I love about homeschooling.  Mobility.   


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Science is one of his fave subjects.  And the philosophy of ACE is independent, student driven learning.  So we don’t usually work on this together.  This is one of his do alone subjects.  Which allows me precious workout or blog post time.   


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He ate it up.  The eggs and the mommy help!  Although all I really did was listen to him read aloud and praise his work.  He’s such a lover, that one.  He can’t get enough time with his family.  A major reason why I love homeschooling.  


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Like any kid, he’ll try and cut corners.  Even on the topics he enjoys.  Sometimes the workbook questions are easy to guess.  And that’s exactly what he would do.  Skipping the reading altogether.  So I started having him underline the answers in the reading.  Hold him accountable n’ stuff.  Just the other day the idea popped in my head to let him use a highlighter instead.  Make it a little more fun.  And prep him for college.  When his grades’ll live n’ die by the ability to highlight!


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Haha.  Love the tongue hanging out!  That’s his concentration face. 


One of the likes I have with ACE is the Gospel focus.  Today’s PACE ended with a very clear Gospel message.  And it prompted a really sweet conversation.  Which had little to do with Science.  But a lot to do with how his heart is being Shaped.  I love being a part of  that.  Beautiful.


And I’m going to try and make the most of these last few days we have – just the two of us – together…




  1. It's truly amazing what a hi liter will do! My 5 year old used one on his homework (that post goes up Friday I believe) and when he was done, he was so excited that he told me This was the kind of homework he loved! haha!

  2. I can't believe it took me THIS long to think of it!


  3. We also use a highlighter for the Grammar subjects. You know.. One color the subject (noun) and another the verb... and so through the parts of speech.

    Do you have a special "homeschool-end-of-year celebration?" We do, usually something he really likes, such as a hike, and picnic or special dinner to a place (within reason) he likes. or a museum.. {you know, some more learning and fun at the same time... enjoy your special time with your son!

  4. Oh Erin...that's a great idea too. I'm SO old school. We've just used various pencil markings for the different parts of speech. I've been mulling over a more Montessori approach for next year...but maybe highlighters would be easier?

    In the past we haven't done anything special...more like I've collapsed with relief! lol But this year I don't feel so overwhelmed...so maybe...hmmmmm...


  5. My kids love science as well. My oldeat loves to guess in math. Thanks for visiting the other day. It's nice to meet you.