Sunday, May 15, 2011

my homeschool mother’s journal





In My Life This Week


Gosh, my head is spinning.  Just what did happen in my life this week? 


:: foggy brain-itis::


Oh, right.  A little homeschoolin’.  A little IEP-in’.  A little baseballin’.  A little character trainin’.  Are you kids at each other’s throats too?  A little single parentin’.  Which promotes two thoughts.  1) Thank God for Grams! and 2) He totally owes me! 


It’s been a super busy week.  I’m SO ready for a vacation… 


In Our Homeschool This Week


To be completely openly honestly transparent…


we’ve been hovering in auto pilot these past few weeks.  Sure, I take & post gobs of pictures.  That’s because I’m a shameless camera addict.  And should not be confused with lack of Spring Fever.  Because we have it bad!   


Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing


We’re not goin’ nowhere!


And we ain’t seein’ no one! 


Did I mention The Hubs left me alone to play single parent?  


Did I also mention that he totally owes me!?


:: wink ::


But really.  I mean it.  I’m waffling between highlights or a spa pedi…


Fave Thing This Week


I had four…


sports to be organized 008


Trevy’s first (Challenger Division) baseball game


trevy's undies 003


Finding Binti and The (sometimes affectionately - sometimes not so affectionately) Mutt curled up and snoozing in the middle of the day


workbox weds 002


Cheering my Bigster outta his slump at Friday night’s game (thank you for watching The Littles, Grams!).  He hit a triple and a double…to break his slump-y streak. 




And seeing how handsome The Hubster (hottie on the far right).  I guess it was okay that he left us behind to trapse cross country for his sister’s wedding.  I mean.  He is pretty much adorable all spiffed up in a suit.  Hangin’ with his bros.   


But still.  He totally owes me! 


What’s Working/Not Working For Us


Daddy being out of town is totally not working! 


But I’m thinking a spa pedi might work.  For me.  Maybe.  Possibly.  If it was combined with summery fresh highlights.  Yeah.  That might work…


Homeschool Questions Thoughts I Have


So a girlfriend and I are launching our first Homeschool Mommy’s Night Out in June.  At a cute little coffee shop.  We’re asking everyone who comes to bring a sample of their fave curriculum from this last year.  So we can have a show and tell as we’re all prepping for next year.  I used Evite for the first time to create the e-vitations.  It was easy and they turned out cute.  We already have 5 moms confirmed to join us!  Here’s hoping it’s a success! 


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  1. Yup, he's cute, and he owes you. Big time!! Lucky you.

    A break every so often really helps us appreciate each other doesn't it?

    I hope your IEP went well. We don't have them in Australia as far as I know but from reading around it sounds like they aren't a whole load of fun.

    Best wishes

  2. I fully intend to milk his "abandonment" for all it's worth. :) But he did look awfully cute in the suit...

    As for the IEPs. Bleh. Sometimes it's smooth sailing. Other times...I tell myself it's only a matter of time before I choose to homeschool him too.


  3. It is so not fun being a single parent... BTDT quite a bit when Vince was in the Navy...

    I say the pedi/highlights combo would work wonders!

    Thanks for mentioning Evite. I completely forgot about it. Think I'm gonna use it for the MNI/Curriculum Show-n-Tell I'm planning for next month.

  4. Oh Tiffany...I was thinking about military moms this weekend. Not fun. And I'm SO happy he's home! You'll have to give me tips on how to host a curriculum show n' tell! There is a wonderful homeschool community in our state...but nothing close to us. Which is why my girlfriend and I are trying to at least get something going...

    Anyway...advice & tips are always welcome!