Monday, June 13, 2011

educational netflix-ing

Some new things we’ve discovered available on Netflix’s instant watch:


Language Arts


History & Geography
  • The Revolution.  Toby is watching an episode right this minute.  I chuckled when he asked me if we could snuggle up and watch together.  “You know I’m a history dude” was his response! 
  • The Young Victoria.  A great date night watch!  Or for highschoolers. 


Click here to see more Netflix watches I’ve recommended.  And always make sure you preview the suggestions yourself first!  We may not have the same ideas on what is acceptable for little eyes.  For instance, The Revolution does have some violence.  My personal fave go-to movie filter tool is Plugged In




  1. I will have to check this out. We have Netflix. I'm sure the kids will ah man me for fear of watching something schoolish.

  2. LOL

    I suggest starting out with something fun, like, Liberty's Kids. And slowly wean in the more school-y stuff. :)


  3. My students LOVE Liberty's Kids...they also love the national geographic videos...we watched one about the coral reef and one about the redwoods and they were glued! :)

  4. We can't afford cable at this point in time...and at first I felt bad. Like the kids were missing out. But then last night...they were glued to a PBS special about Humming Birds and it occurred to me that maybe missing Phineas & Ferb isn't such a bad thing! ;)