Friday, March 18, 2011

Netflix-ing for Education. Really?

Like most families, our budget can only expand so far.  Ya know.  With a budding athlete, a promising artist, and a multiple therapy needed kiddo in the house.  Who we also believe in feeding.  And clothing.  Modesty, people! 


Finding funding for cable tv just isn't gonna happen.  Also, we loathe having gobs of channels with zilcho value to sift through.  

Which is why I adore Netflix!  It's cheaper and instant play!  Also, because I believe in helping other homeschooling mommies (and daddies, if they're out there) out...I'm going to keep a running list of Netflix-ing we've done or are doing.  I'll even try to link in when possible.  Just for you.



Character Training

    • Mythbusters - the hubs and the 4th grader dig this one most
    • Meerkat Manor - the mommy and the 4th grader like cuddling up and watching the antics of The Whiskers family 

      • Liberty Kids - I love that both the 4th grader and the K-5er enjoyed this one

        Reading (I'm a meanie and make him read the book first :) 
        • Holes 
        • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 
        • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 
        • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (in our que waiting release) 

          • WordWorld - this engages all three kids (even though the 4th grader will never admit it and the littlest only for one episode at most :) 
          • SuperWhy - another wonderful PBS show 
          • LeapFrog - new to the instant view options!  Hooray!  

            Preschool Basics (Too many to list them all!  I'm only listing the most popular for our family.  The easiest thing to do is open the Children & Family genre tab and choose the age group of your interest)
            • WonderPets
            • Backyardigans 
            • Dora 
            • Diego 
            • Anything Sesame Street 
            • Barney (the big kids not so much...but the littlest loves it.  And mommy is into anything that keeps the littles occupied for more than 2 minutes in a row) 
            • Blue's Clues
            • I could go on and on and on...but I think this is a good place to pause and let you go flip through the options that'll fit your family! 


              Yikes!  This post is making us sound like tv junkies.  We're really not.  Although nor are we a tv on weekends only family.  I try to make sure what they're watching is - A) wholesome and B) has educational value of some kind.  We allow them tv in the mornings while I'm prepping lunches and other miscellaneous morning madness.  Because I have learned my coffee works best when peacefully consumed.  Then when the two littlest get home from school I have initiated Rest Time.  Usually about an hour to an hour and a half in length.  This is when they get to Netflix.  I let them rotate choices.  Him - Her - Him  - Her.  She has been choosing Free Willy for a week straight now, but I just noticed Aneglina Ballerina is on instant demand so maybe today'll be something fresh and new!

              I'll keep adding to my list as we find new choices...

              Happy Homeschooling!

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