Wednesday, March 16, 2011

workboxing our style (Part I)

Homeschool long enough and you'll hear about it.

I linked in the resource that helped me most

It's positively everywhere!

In fact, I'm not sure how I managed to be so late on the draw?  I've been homeschooling for three years and only recently stumbled onto this little gem of an idea.  I suppose I've been living in Survival Mode for the past coupla years.  Which is understandable.  And is the segue into my daily Seizure Mommy plug.


Because seriously...loving a baby with catastrophic epilepsy and the radical treatments it brings leaves barely enough left over to survive never mind Workbox


Back to Workboxes.

I fell in loooooooooove with the idea immediately.  And since it was right around my (it's way too early in our relationship for me to spill which) birthday I decided to use my mulah and race to Ikea.  Where I just knew I would find the workbox set up of my homeschooling mommy dreams! 

Sure enough! 

Of course it always looks much cuter before you start filling the bins.  But still.  I'm liking it.  

As you can see...I'm still working on labeling

Although I'm only homeschooling one right now our school room also functions as a therapy room for Trevy

I always like seeing the way other families set gives me fresh ideas

We've been posting our Parade of Nations on the wall but I'm already thinking next year to either lapbook or binder our Geography

This is an idea I "borrowed" from someone else.  It's a cuter way to create a daily pocket chart-ish station.  Works great with older kids who think pocket charts are for babies!  I like this concept and will use it again next year - only better!


  1. Looks good. I really like the Ikea set up we have it for clothes - one day I hope for workboxes too :) Welcome to homeschooling and blogging - found you from the workbox yahoo group.

  2. I rally like the pocket chart - might try it with my older girls.

  3. New follower from work boxes. I love reading homeschooling blogs and seeing what people of doing as there are so many terrific ideas out there. Hope you will consider taking a peek at my blog and if you like it follow back:)

  4. Thanks, Ladies!

    I eat up validation of any sort :P


  5. Saw your post on the workboxes group! Really like the workboxes. May have to check into those for our kids.

    Love to have you stop by our blog and check out our weekly posts.

  6. I LOVE Ikea.. we have it in just about every room, BUT the school room. Still trying to convince hubby it is needed.