Tuesday, March 15, 2011

planning = paralyzed

I don't know what it is about planning but it paralyzes me every time. 

I want to be organized. 

I love being organized. 

I thrive when I'm organized. 

(Which is why I'm in love with the WorkBox concept)

But somehow getting from Point A (caving under the weight of all the things I need to get my act together and accomplish) to Point B (having boxes of my fully mapped out and Spirit filled life to check off on adorable little database printouts I created all on my own.  Complete with cute clip art) feel nearly impossible! 

My brain becomes little more than a bucket of fuzz.  And the rest of me is cranky.  

I've really gotta figure out a way to bite-size my to-do list so I can keep my sanity in tact for at least awhile longer...

Now if you'll excuse me.  I've got daily schedules, workbox lessons and chore plans to sit here (wiping my fuzzy brain drool from the corner of my mouth) trying to create.


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