Sunday, March 13, 2011

easy peasy science

I made myself comfy in the doctor's waiting room.  Which in and of itself isn't unusual (what with a Seizure Boy in the house).  The unusual part being that it was for me.


Evidently my immune system missed the memo.  Mommy Can't Do Sick.  I was fighting off another round of bronchitis.  The best part about bronchitis is all the alone time I get!  Cause I get to sit all by myself in the doctor's office.  Sweet Glory, I can actually read a whole article of a magazine!  I usually just get to ooh and ahh with a quickie flip-through.

In true mommy form I grabbed a family oriented mag off the rack.

In which I found an adorable science-y project, which I promptly promised myself I would do with the kids.  When I stopped hacking up a lung.  It involved using old baseball card plastic protective sleeves.  Lord knows, we have enough of those around.  Empty.  Because he prefers to throw his gobs of cards into plastic bins.  Which means we have empty plastic sleeves a-plenty.  All I needed was to buy a little dirt and a few varieties of seeds and little plastic suction cuppy things to stick it all the window then add a little water and a dash of sunshine.  And wah-lah!  A cute science project.  Easy Peasy! 

Only I didn't count on how much energy Easy-Peasy requires to hunt down the dirt and seeds and suction cuppy thingamabobs.  Energy that my lung hacking self couldn't muster.  I'd come to terms with that fact it weren't never gonna happen.   


::que choirs of angels:: 

sweet Target

With their cute little prepackaged pots (I grabbed basil, chives, strawberries and green peppers ) of science!  In the dollar section no less! 

Turns out a cute little science project can be easy peasy after all! 


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