Monday, June 13, 2011

this counts as art, right?

Bristel is so sick that school for her brother today is more or less…


Whatever keeps you occupied, Kid! 

I didn’t even have time to prep for this week over the weekend.  She’s just been sick as a dog!  But like a good 4th Grader he’s been working on his Monarch studies.  The finish line is in sight!   After about an hour he asked if he could try and find printable MLB mascot pages online to color.  I said go for it.  Already proficient at Google he was successful in no time!

Then he hit a roadblock.  No printer paper.  I gave him verbal instructions which he (to my surprise!) carried out with zero coming back for further help.  Until roadblock number two.  He’s never printed anything for himself before and wasn’t sure what to do.  I again gave him verbals.  He was successful yet again!  And proudly came to show me his printouts!  He’s now busy being artsy with markers and crayons and such. 

I’m totally counting this as Art and Computer Science class for today!  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s entertaining himself either!   


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