Monday, June 13, 2011

one sick puppy!

The doctor is thinking Mono

more trevy baseball 001

I’ve already told her NO kissing til’ you’re married!  But with a face that cute…guess I can’t blame the boys for trying…



  1. Oh, boy baby! Mono STINKS!!! I had it my Junior Year of High School, so my life consisted of school, sleep, sleep, school, sleep, and sleep some more...

    On the plus side, that is when I discovered that I did NOT need to wear make-up everyday to school- it got me ready for my "slummin' it in sweats" college days.

    Hop she feels better ASAP!!!

  2. LOL on the makeup front. Girl...thank goodness I got over that drama before the 3rd kiddo came along. Lord knows I don't have the time now!

    Bristel seems to be on the upswing this morning? Crossing fingers...