Sunday, August 12, 2012

journaling through the Word: adam & eve character studies



I’ve never really done a notebooking journal with my own kids before and certainly never in Sunday School.  Which means I’m learning as I go!  It’s definitely very old school…but the more we’re doing…the more I love it!



I mentioned before how much I love (and I do) our Hands on Bible, but I found The Gospel Story Bible and it looked SO great that I bought it.  The graphics are fun and the stories are the perfect length to read.  The kids really enjoyed our story today which was all Adam and Eve.  I’m also using Ken Hamm’s Answers for Kids series to add some extra fun.  I choose one question that relates to what we’re learning in class and use it as our question of the week. 



The Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments

The Answers Book for Kids, 4 Volumes   -     <br />        By: Ken Ham, Cindy Malott<br />    <br />






(click the pictures for purchasing info)



2-adam and eve notebooking pages


For this week’s notebooking, we added Zees to Day Seven to represent God’s resting.  Z z z z z z z z z z z  In love   I also printed these wonderful (free!) Adam & Eve character sketches.  To save time in class, I cut them to fit and pasted them in for the kids so they only needed to do the writing and coloring.


Sorry the pics are so grainy.  I’ve been using my daughter’s iPod touch cause it’s so easy peasy to bring along. 


3-adam and eve notebooking page


After reading the story from our Gospel Story Bible we chatted about what we learned. I wrote our answers on a white board to make it easier for the younger kiddos (we have 7-11 years in the same class) to follow along.  I did mention that I’m on learning curve, right? It took forever and a day for the littler kiddos to write their answers in.  We weren’t able to finish.  Boo.  Lesson learned, though.  I’ll type up the answers this week and let them paste them in for review next class.  I’ll be sure to share the printable next week!


1-paper plate timeline


To review this week, we started our paper plate time line.  Again…grainy pics, ugh.  Each plate represents one of the seven days of Creation.  It was fun for the kids plus, it makes a great show n’ tell for moms and dads.







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