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notebooking through the Word: first five days of creation



My hubby not only works full-time, he also leads a baby church too.  I like to tease him that it’s his weekend gig.



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One of the perks of being the pastor’s wife and a lead teacher of the Bigsters (ages 7-11) class…is I get to choose the curriculum!  We’ve tried a bunch of different boxed curriculums but haven’t really fallen in love with anything.  Enter:  homeschool mommy skills.  All of our kiddos LOVE artsty fartsy stuff and I’ve been wanting to notebook chronologically through the Bible at home anyway…so I thought…why not notebook through the Word with our church kids?!



Things I Need Every Week:

  • Journals.  I found drawing books at Walmart for around $3 each.  They’re spiral bound with nice thick pages. 
  • All the colored pencils, glue, scissors, construction paper – we already have at church.
  • Bible Story Telling – free online chronological Bible lessons
  • Hands on Bible – my fave teaching Bible!



9-bible page



Our very first lesson and the first page in our notebooking journal was dedicated to The Bible. We glued in little bookmarks (free printable found here) with all the books listed.  We’re also working on memorizing all the books of the Bible together.  Each class starts by singing through them as a class.  We traced a hand and wrote tips for how to dig into the Bible on each finger.  Hear, Read, Meditate, Study and Memorize.



5-day one page


We then moved on to the Days of Creation. 


Day One


God created light and dark.  In our notebooks Day One page was divided into half black construction paper and half just white.


4-day two page


Day Two


God separated the waters and the sky.  I had the kids use water colors to paint (they LOVED it!) and we stretched and glued cotton balls for clouds in the skies.  I’m not thrilled with how bulky it’s making our journals but hey…the kiddos are sensory fans.  They were all about the cotton balls. 



Day Three (not pictured)


God separated the waters into sea, created dry land and vegetation.  I let the kids draw anything they’d like to show what was Created on Day Three.  It was neat to see how differently they think!  One drew a globe.  One a park.  It was cute.


We also happen to have a Tree Guy in our church.  He came into our class and did a little talk about trees.  It was super special for all of us!



6-day four page


Day Four


God created the sun, moon and stars.  Nothing fancy here.  We just drew suns, moons and stars.  And really, my plan isn’t to have fancy pages each time.  I just want to walk through the Bible with them and journal as we go for added reinforcement.



7-day five page



Day Five


God filled the oceans with sea life and critters and the skies with birds.


I had the kiddos draw all kinds of fishies and sea creatures in dark colored pencils.  We then glued blue tissue paper over our drawings to give the effect of looking through the water.  It turned out super cool!  Even a grown up or two thought so.






The kids are really enjoying this project and I’m excited to keep learning through the Word together!



I’ll keep posting along the way too.  Maybe it’ll be a blessing to someone if for no other reason than to appreciate my “keeping it real” pics!  In love




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  1. I like the idea of reinforcing the lesson through art....the stars page is my fave!