Monday, July 30, 2012

take a deep breath…cause here we go…



I’ve been up since 5:30.  Stress wakes me early and plots against my giving up one cuppa coffee a day plans.



I’ve been stewing at myself too.  I meant to create an EEG social story for Trevy.  Then I found one already created online and meant to read it with him.  I meant to use a doll and Wiki Stix to give him an interactive of what’s happening.  Because I doubt he remembers.  It’s been over a year ago since his last.  And I’m so mad at myself for letting the days slip by until here we are.



I’m also second guessing our decision to go in-patient rather than home with the EEG.  We’ve done the take home before though.  It was a horror.



He’s happily running around behind me blowing into Bristel’s recorder.  Which he’s forbidden to use when she’s here.



And I’m posting.  Wasting the last ten minutes before I take a big breath…to mark our voyage. 



Here’s to a clean EEG. 




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