Friday, July 27, 2012

bertie bee to the “b-d confusion” rescue!



A special visitor arrived in a super cool package recently.






After writing a post about our b - d confusion in first grade woes, the author (K. I. Al-ghani) of Bertie Bumble Bee Trouble by the Letter “b” reached out to me.  She offered to send me a copy of her book – all the way from across the pond!





Bertie Bee tells the story of a little bumble bee heading off to school for the first time.  Which reminded me that Trevy will be starting K in the fall.  Sniffle.  Sniffle.



Bertie is super excited about school and loooooves it!







you guessed it!  Until he struggles with knowing the difference between the letters b and d.



It’s tricky business!  And not all that uncommon to struggle over.



Bertie goes from loving to loathing school because of his b – d struggles and the teasing of other children.




With some really neat-o tricks his mommy gives him, Bertie soon becomes a b – d pro!



I won’t give the tips away…but they are very clever!



And we were thoroughly charmed by Bertie Bee!  In fact, we’re excited to read this book with Trevy’s K class this year because chances are there will be at least one little person who will bond with Bertie!





I enjoyed Bertie Bee from cover to cover but my very favorite part (other than the author’s bio, because I’m a sucker for the backstory) is the practical advice at the end!  A wonderfully thoughtful way to end this book by giving moms, dads and teachers practical ideas to help their children learn to read!



If you have a little one struggling with b – d confusion, Bertie Bee is a terrific tool! 



You can purchase your very own copy of Bertie Bee on and be sure to check out other books written by the author and her son!





***this is my little space to disclaim that I received a copy of Bertie Bumble Bee: Troubled by the Letter B in exchange for my review.  No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my honest own.***

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