Friday, July 27, 2012 (a TOS review)



Hooray, a treat for ME!



Because that’s exactly what is!



It’s like a virtual homeschool shopping mall where I’m not stuck window shopping.  I can actually snag great things!  



click here for samples




For just $5.95 a month (the first month is just $1!) you can access more wonderful homeschool-y goodness than you can imagine!



I could spend hours exploring the SchoolhouseDailies where I’ve found tips and lessons on topics like:  Math, Grammar, Writing, Seasonal Activities and even a Ditch the Desk section – for hands on inspiration!



I have lost myself in the SchoolHouseTeachers section browsing articles and resources for things like:  Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Literature and even a monthly Reading List suggestion!  I’m always looking for good reading recommendations!



And my printer.  Oh my poor printer.  She’s been overheating as I’ve been adding wonderful new pages to my Homeschool and Family binders!  I cannot lie…the planners are definitely my very favorite part of!  They are so much more than just calendars.  There are articles on various parenting and homeschooling topics.  I found premade visual schedules and chore charts – um, LOVE!  There are planning pages and tips.  I really really loved the Special Needs planner!  Even though Trevy is in a special education program (half days) there are so many useful pages that I just don’t have the time or energy to develop on my own!



There are very few things that I hands down say every.single.homeschool.mommy needs this…



because we’re all so unique in our tastes…



but is an exception for me!



I totally recommend treating yourself to a subscription.  Or if you know a homeschool mommy and want to bless her…why not gift a subscription?  Trust me…it’ll be a wonderful treat!







**This is my little space to disclaim that I was given a subscription to in exchange for my honest review shared on my blog.  All opinions expressed are my honest own.  I hope that you enjoyed and found my review at least a smidge helpful.  Because my voice is just one, I highly encourage you to visit this link and read what my fellow TOS Crew friends thought about this product.**

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