Sunday, August 5, 2012

journaling through the Word: day 6 of creation



Before class I printed out these wonderful Adam & Eve character studies.  I cut them to fit (scalloped scissors) so they could be pasted right into their journals.  You can peek at pictures of the first 6 pages of our journals here or just read what our pages look like so far below:


Page 1 is all about the Bible

Page 2 is Day One of Creation

Page 3 is Day Two

Page 4 is Day Three

Page 5 is Day Four

Page 6 is Day Five

Page 7 was blank for Day Six to be done during today’s class

Page 8 I pasted in the Adam character study

Page 9 I pasted in Eve’s character study

Page 10 will be Day Seven which will be done next week




We started class by singing our books of the Bible song.  In addition to our Through the Bible Journals we’re learning all the books of the Bible.



I also found these Books of the Bible copy sheets which I had ready on the table.  One of the kids was not impressed and said, “um, why do we have schoooool work?”  LOL 



We reviewed the first five days of Creation.  And then learned about Day Six and Seven of Creation by reading the end of Genesis 1 and bits of Genesis 2 together.  I loooove the Hands On Bible for our lessons.  It’s filled with great ideas for me…and fun graphics for them!



Even though they really enjoy our lesson time, let’s face it, all they really want to do is get busy journaling!  Because kids love crafts!



Today we worked on Day Six.  On Day Six God created all the animals plus, Adam & Eve!



1-day six




I had the kiddos write Day Six at the top of their journal page.  And then instructed them to draw Adam & Eve in the center.  Making sure that their people were “child friendly” because they all wanted to know if they should be nakey!  In love



We then searched magazines for pictures of animals to cut out and create an animal collage around Adam & Eve.  I know my example page doesn’t have lots of animals per se…but I thought it was cute.  Class ended before we could fill our page up…but we’ll add to it next week.  We’ll also fill out our character studies next week too as we explore Adam & Eve more in depth.



This is turning out to be such a fun project!




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