Saturday, August 4, 2012

his 6th Grade curriculum (2012-2013)







  • I printed him a daily Bible reading plan to highlight and he has a journal to write his thoughts. 



  • We’re staying with Saxon.  Although I do intend to have him take an assessment to see if he can possibly skip over 7/8 and move right into Pre-Algebra.
  • Daily drills on BigIQKids


Language Arts…


History & Geography

  • Mystery of History Volume I.  I’m still mulling whether we’ll do this together as an afternoon read aloud or not.  In this particular moment, I’m leaning towards having him read on his own and also reading it aloud a couple days a week.  The thing is…I know his sister would LOVE learning this too.  Decisions…decisions…  (3x weekly)
  • Daily Geography Practice.  Along with the mapping skills that are woven into MOH, he’ll be completing one of these worksheets each day.



  • He’ll be doing the ACE 6th Grade Science PACES.  I know some people are super anti ACE.  I’m not…maybe because I graduated from an ACE Christian School?  I also love how independent his work is…and so does he!  If you choose ACE a couple tips I have learned:  1) I grade his work and 2) I make him highlight in the workbook where he found the answers.  This helps keep both of us accountable.


Latin & Logic

  • Song School Latin.  I know it seems baby-ish but he really has zilcho Latin and this is something fun we can do as a family.  Even Trevy loves it!  (2x weekly)
  • Spider Island Logic computer game.  Critical Thinking Co generously gave the TOS Crew a download of our choice as a gift for our reviews.  I chose Spider Island thinking it would be a fun way to learn about logic.  Gotta say though, it’s super challenging!  But hopefully he’ll get better as he plays.  (1x weekly)



  • Much of his school work is already reading rich…but I’m putting together a book list for him as well.  As I find good reads for him, I always make sure our local library has them.  If they do I them to my online list.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
  • Reading Street Grade 6.  I reviewed this last year with the TOS Crew and he really enjoyed the reading piece.  So we’ll keep using it.  And maybe I’ll try to add some of the writing projects in too!  Lord knows…we really need to work harder on the writing thing!



  • Total Health.  I’m hoping he can work through this book during the first half of the year. (1x weekly)
  • Apologia’s Exploring Anatomy.  I wanted to do this last year but we hardly made it through Exploring Astronomy!  This is another one I’m thinking to do together as an afternoon read aloud.  I plan to do more reading aloud this year although this is another one that he may do better reading it alone.  We’ll play it by ear.  


Fine Arts

  • See The Light’s Art Class.  We made it through the first 8 lessons last year with an art co-op.  I plan to pick up where we left off and learn some more!
  • Piano Lessons with Grams



  • My little athlete is still playing All Star baseball several times a week!  If he didn’t look so darn cute in the uniform I’d be tempted to nix this travel mess!  In the fall/winter he’ll play town and CYO basketball.  Spring means baseball fever again.