Friday, August 3, 2012

my “who homeschools” interview hosted by HammockTracks



Every Monday, HammockTracks hosts a “Who Home Schools” interview which explores various families journeys in home education. 



I’m honored and excited that I had the honor of sharing our story! 



In all the hospital hullabaloo I flaked about linking my interview in earlier this week…but I hope you’ll take a peek now:



Who Home Schools?  Danielle at Raising Little Rhodies



Thank you so much, Savannah, for this wonderful idea and opportunity!




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  1. How exciting! I've been told by some homeschooling moms that I could do a good job of homeschooling- we do a lot of educational things together and my play room is set up like a classroom already- but I did that to create a learning/exploration environment for after-school/ pre-school fun/discovery. I'll check out your interview! I'm impressed by moms and dads who homeschool well!!! I think it must take such discipline and dedication!