Saturday, December 17, 2011



Bristel holding a pair of Toby’s boxers in hand on our last laundry day with a disgusted look on her face says:



Whose X-boxers are these?



She didn’t know what she said wrong which just made Tobes and I laugh all the harder!





Took the kids on a field trip last week to see The Spindle City Ballet’s Nutcracker.  Bristel and I were over the moon.  A perk of homeschooling is getting to pick the field trips!  I’d never been to a ballet before!  On the way home I asked the kids what their favorite part of the performance was. Toby without hesitation responded:








Another perk of homeschooling…


ice skating and Trevy's merry christmas 005ice skating and Trevy's merry christmas 006ice skating and Trevy's merry christmas 007ice skating and Trevy's merry christmas 008


She can dress like a ballerina to the ballet if she wants to.  Winking smile






While we were sitting in the que (they herded put all the homeschoolers together Smile) waiting to be seated for the Nutcracker…



A private school friend saw Toby and shouted hi to him.



I mentioned how nice it was that his friend recognized him and said hi.  To which Toby responded:



Well, mom, I have a pretty obvious face. 






Bristel asked me why we don’t have any junk food in the house.



You know…



like oatmeal!





You know you’re a special needs mommy when…



The pharmacist leaves a Merry Christmas sticky note on your bag! 





  1. Ha! Ha! What's up with no junk food oatmeal?! LOL And I kinda agree with Toby on The Nutcracker...;)

  2. When I asked her to define junk food - that's what she gave me! lol I loved The Nutcracker...but will admit it got long towards the end. :)


  3. This is funny! Kids say the cutest things!

  4. One of my personal fave things about homeschooling is getting to hear all the funny little things they say...and then share it with the world! :P