Monday, December 19, 2011

The Gift of Love (a review)




I rave about See The Light art curriculum often.  That’s because I really really love it! 



And when I really really love something, my Italian roots get the best of me and I gush about it often. 



Because of my raving, the kids and I were given the opportunity to review The Gift of Love.




With 143 minutes of Christmas inspired lessons you’ll never run out of Christmas-y art projects! 



Toby and Bristel loved working on the Away in a Manger scene together.  When I say loved, I really mean they loved it after we were done.  I’m not very artsy (which is why I this curriculum is so great – because it’s dvd based and a master artist is doing the teaching so we’re all learning together!) and because I’m not very artsy we haven’t had a lot of practice drawing.  So there was some stress n’ tears along the way.  Lots of pausing of the video for erasing and catching up.  But there was also GOBS of pride after they were done! 



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How cute is that donkey?! 


Our whole family (including daddy) enjoyed the beautiful retelling of the nativity story with the chalk drawing.  It’s a great little addition to a Christmas Unit study!



Three art lessons, special bonus features, master artists teaching, easy peasy supply lists right online for me -  what’s not to love!  And think it’s a steal for just $14.99! 



My very personal fave was the REJOICE! lesson with Heidi Shorts teaching creative lettering.  Brought back jr. high memories of doodling in the margins.  In love   I loved it SO much I’m having my Sunday School class use the techniques we learned to create a black light show using the names of Jesus for Christmas night service! 



special O bowling, black light SS, trevor talking 001



The Gift of Love is a wonderful tool for any homeschooling mom!



I give it two thumbs up!






**disclosure – As an affiliate of See The Light, I was given one Gift of Love dvd in exchange for my honest and timely review.  All thoughts expressed here are my honest own. **

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  1. danielle,
    pat forwarded your blog comments to me and i feel SO blessed! i love hearing that you felt successful with REJOICE and it inspired you to extend the lesson to your sunday school class! isn't that just the way God works?
    thanks for your kind comments and have a very merry CHRISTmas!