Monday, December 19, 2011

how Santa knows

I like to say we’re a Santa Lite fam.

We focus on Jesus…

but we don’t restrict the kids from watching Santa movies or sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall.  Festive-y things. 

bristel's workboxes and Trevy's snowman 005

We don’t sign gifts from Santa.  But kids are imaginative and they just think that’s where they come from anyway! 

My theory is – they’ll stop believing soon enough

bristel's workboxes and Trevy's snowman 006

Bristel came to me recently and declared she no longer believes in Santa and she’ll never, ever sit on his lap again!  Just like that, she said it.  I smiled and said, “We know Mickey Mouse isn’t real too but it sure is fun to hug him.”  She rolled her sassy six year old eyes at me.  

She was stickin’ to her guns too…


She met Home Depot Santa (who I highly recommend btw).  Because he gave her a set of paints and in her words…

bristel's workboxes and Trevy's snowman 007

How could he have known she wants to be an artist when she grows up?


How indeed?!


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