Thursday, September 22, 2011

five (pinterest) faves



Surely you’ve heard of Pinterest by now? 



Follow Me on Pinterest



It’s all the rage.  And it didn’t take (Kinesthetic) me long to figure out why!  Know how you’re always book marking blogs and websites and whatnot that you happen upon in cyber-ville.  To be honest…I usually forget all about my bookmarks.  But Pinterest is so visually exciting and organized that it makes it SO much easier not to forget!  Here’s a little sample of some things I’ve pinned this week… 



Pumpkin Patch Writing Prompts




Photo credit Loving My Life as a Mother and Wife


Seriously cute, right?!



Brain Hat




Photo credit Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop



Um.  Love this!  And we’ll totally be making our own when we Explore Anatomy in the new year!  




Image Shack





Preschool in a Can




photo credit



LOOOOOOVE this idea!  Now…to find the time to create it! 



Felt Fractions by Counting Coconuts




photo credit Counting Coconuts


Now I just need to learn how to sew.  Oooooooor…have a sew-y friend take pity and make me some!  Hint.  Hint. 






  1. I Love Pinterest! Love your 5 favs!

  2. I have not been onto Pinterest yet but I am curious now that you posted those great ideas from there! Where did you travel abroad to when you kids were younger? This is our 2nd trip to Portugal and the kids definitely will be able to remember much more this time! We are coming home next week and are getting excited about starting our school year.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer! hubby & I were missionaries to Tanzania, East Africa when the two oldest were younger. We did A LOT of traveling and lived in Africa for two years. Bristel was just 2 months old when we left the states and was more african than american when we came home! She was scared to death of too many white people! We thought we'd be there forever...but Trevy's medical challenges make that impossible. I wish the kiddos could remember...because it was a very special time in our lives...

    BTW...I am NOT a bandwagon kinda girl, but Pinterest is really great. SO many wonderful ideas out there and so much easier to manage than booking...for me.


  4. I have heard of Pinterest but haven't given it a try yet. Not sure how to even go about it:( I need to look into it as I love that brain hat idea:)

  5. It's a little odd going about joining. You have to request and then wait for an invitation to join. I don't know of anyone who was denied an my guess is that's part of the experience (and eventually for marketing purposes maybe).

    Once you're'll get your own page where you can create as many different boards (where you pin things) as your interested in.

    Some of my boards include:

    Workboxing Ideas
    Language Arts Ideas
    Letters of the Week Ideas

    and so on...

    It's just a really handy (and visual) way to organize your web finds. :) I highly recommend it.


  6. I was thinking of making Samantha a set of the felt fractions. If you want I can make a set for you too.