Wednesday, September 21, 2011

her (1st grade) workboxes




Her Workboxes



We’ve been a little loosey goosey this week.  Trevy had his neuro appointment in Boston (an hour trip always enhances to two because of traffic) on Monday…and I’m still recooping.



1st Grade workboxes 004


A special treat arrived in the mail today. 


1st Grade workboxes 005


Webkinz study buddies for both!


Computer time today has been spent mostly exploring Webkinz-ville.  If you have little Webkinz lovers in your house email me and we can add them to our friends list! 


1st Grade workboxes 006


Cursive.  It’s getting harder n’ harder…today we even had tears.    


1st Grade workboxes 007


I love Abeka’s phonics program.


She took her first test and made an A.  All As (well…really all tests that reflect best effort) are rewarded with a Chuck E. Cheese token.  On our 100th day of school we’re having a party at Chuck E.!



1st Grade workboxes 008


First test in Math.  Cha-ching…another token! 


1st Grade workboxes 009


She loves Creative Writing!  In fact, she’ll work in her book for a hour without stopping!  I think it’s super cute that she spelled wedding “weting”.


1st Grade workboxes 010


We’re not going in depth with our Ancient Rome studies but we do have a handful of library books we’ve been looking through. 


1st Grade workboxes 011




1st Grade workboxes 012


And a little photography fun. 


1st Grade workboxes 001


I gave her the camera and said “go crazy”. 


1st Grade workboxes 003



I thought these two were really cute and I only had to delete…like…a hundred or so.  Um.  At least half of which were nakey cheek pics of potty training Trevy!  lol  When I asked her why she responded…



I can’t help it.  His cheeks are just too cute! 



And really…I can’t argue with thatSmile



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  1. I love it! Thanks for linking up with Workbox Wednesday! Love the study buddies!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! I love your link-up!


  3. Thanks, Sharla...

    You have lots of cute stuff happening over at your place too!