Saturday, September 24, 2011

1st Grade cursive



We have a love-hate relationship with cursive in our house.



She loves how pretty it looks when she’s figured out just how to create a new letter.



But hates how much hard work it takes to get to the pretty. 



For some reason the letter “a” is not our friend.  I’m sure more will join the frenemy list.  But right now…it’s pesky little “a”. 



And parallel-ly (I like making up new words) I love how pretty it looks and how radiant her face is once she’s figured it out.  And I hate all the moaning and groaning it takes to get there.



I had to order a new Writing with Cursive book because I discovered late in the game that I’d forgotten to order it. 






I like Abeka’s cursive.  The graphics are cute.  And the content doesn’t seem to be overwhelming. 



I found Lakeshore Learnings free cursive practice printables to use while we’re waiting for the new book to arrive.  This post is flowing directly from my inability to resist sharing a good freebie!   




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