Sunday, September 25, 2011

exploring astronomy: chapter 1



Because there is a four year gap between the big kiddos it’s hard to do many subjects together.



Art works.



History kinda works.



Geography is fun together.  Especially cuddled on the couch Amazing Race style. 



And of course Science works! 







I use the text book as our current read aloud. 



And try to include some projects that help make it even more fun and sticky in the brain…



workboxing and more 006

I found this really sturdy and cute Melissa & Doug puzzle for just five buckaroos at the new TJ Maxx around the corner. 

workboxing and more 007


workboxing and more 008


workboxing and more 010

Ha.  Those chalks down there.  They’re mine…

workboxing and more 031

from COLLEGE! 

workboxing and more 029

They still work GREAT!  And the kids felt like super cool real deal artists using them.

workboxing and more 032


A little artsy trick when using chalks.  Hairspray the finished product to keep the chalk from smudging.  I’m tip dropping cause I like sounding like I’m a super cool real deal artist too. Winking smile


tea party and workboxing 003


Not the best balloon solar system photo in the world.  But you know…I like keepin’ it real-ishSmile


And of course Solar System learning just wouldn’t be any fun without the Anamaniacs…



YouTube is totally one of my fave teaching tools. 



Next stop, Scientists…The Sun!  I’ll be sure to share those projects as we go along too!








  1. So, what are your plans for the sun? We just started the chapter last week. About 1/2 way through the reading. Looks like Monday we'll try making English Muffin pizzas in a pizza box solar oven (made with tin foil, plastic wrap and of course a pizza box). Sun power! And seeing how accurate a paper sundial is. Do you notebook too? Or just read and do projects?

  2. I opted not to buy the journals and of course am totally second guessing myself. So this week I started kinda throwing together a lapbook. I have printouts of the planets for them to color and cut out and add to the lapbook. I find they listen better when their hands are busy. And we made suns out of our hand-prints for the front cover. They turned out cute.

    If the sun cooperates we're going to make shadow puzzles.

    And we'll have to try the pizza of course!

    I totally flaked that you're going through it too! We should idea swap! My email is

  3. I love this book and am about to use it a second time, this go round with my youngest!

  4.'ll have to share as you go through too! And if you have any printables from your first round through...I know I'm always on the look out. :)


  5. Love this! We are beginning Apologia Astronomy next week. Can't wait to incorporate some of your ideas! :0)