Wednesday, July 13, 2011

newest nexflix-ing love

Cake TV

Such a GREAT show for crafty girls.  I can’t vouch for every episode but I’ve watched enough to feel comfortable letting my crafty girl enjoy the whole season that’s currently available instant stream in Netflix.  Wholesome and creative.  Cake is like a teenaged Martha Stewart.  And Bristel loooooves her.  Like, totally, loves her.  Like…the other day I asked her if she could choose her own dreams what would she choose…

To be with Cake in Cake TV

Of course.

I even let her go to town with fabric markers and an old pair of jeans after a Cake episode.  And know what?  She did an amazing job!  Not that all the other moms at church on Sunday agreed when their girls were all begging to do the same.  But…ya know…

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I do have to say, I’m bummed with Netflix.  Shortly after I wrote this post we received and email that they are moving forward with charging $7.99 for dvds and $7.99 for streaming.  Sad smile  I was hoping they would play it smart and just increase the monthly bill by a couple dollars.  We’re going to keep the streaming…and say bye-bye to the dvds.   



  1. I have never heard of this but I know my daughter would love Cake! Thanks for recommending!:) Lori

  2. I hope your crafty girl loves it as much as mine does. It's really sparked Bri's creativity. Even today I was doing a hole punch project and in a moment of laziness emptied the clippings onto the table. She found the pile and beeeeegged me to let her glue them to a paper in a design. Seriously? Who thinks of that?! lol I blame it on Cake!


  3. I felt the same way when I learned about the rate increase Netflix was doing. Though my first instinct is to cancel completely (cause that's just not right!). I do use it SO much for Noah's school work. ...and uh... keeping him entertained :)

  4. should do a post on your Netflix Love List! I was going to just cancel in whole too...but we're the same way...the kids love it. And we don't have cable...sooooo


  5. We are Netflix-ers too. I haven't heard of Cake - my artsy daughter will love it.
    We like the Creatures That Defy Evolution series and The Blue Planet. And Mr. Bean ... which counts as World Geography, right? :-D

    Looking forward to future lists!