Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what we’re summer reading and earning

Our library has a great summer reading program.  It get’s two mommy thumbs up for being SO easy to follow and win prizes!  For every six picture books the littles read they earn a prize and coupons to various local points of interest.  For every chapter book the bigster reads he earns the same. 

Toby’s (going into 5th) Summer Reading

George Washington’s Spy
Dragon of the Red Dawn

Bristel’s (going into 1st) Summer Reading

Most of her books are make your own.  I love them because she enjoys the artsy part and they are SO easy to read it keeps her feeling successful!  She loves reading these adorable little books over and over again.  We started keeping track by placing a little sticker on the cover every time she reads them.  I’ll include links when possible.

Mommy Bird (click here to print your own!) 
Building a Bird House (build your own book)
My Mommy (so cute you totally need to print your own)
Butterfly, Butterfly (from The Mailbox)
Picnic Day (also from The Mailbox)
What Grows on Trees? (My First Little Readers – reproducible)
Ice Cream Scoops (My First Little Readers – reproducible)

Trevy’s Summer (I’m 4 now!) Reading

Okay…soooo…first you need to understand that Trevy has the attention span of an ant.  Wait.  Maybe not?  Ants tend to stay on task!  So scratch that.  But you get the idea, right? Smile  I love him.  He’s super cute!  But reading books to him is not on my top ten fave things to do right now!  Swimming…now that’s more like it!  But I want to saturate him with as much learning-to-read potential as possible.  So read I do.  Even if we never quite make it through a whole book.  These are the ones we’ve been trying…

Billy’s Bucket
Prince Elmo and the Pea
Blue’s Valentine’s Day
Mickey Mouse ClubHouse Choo Choo Express
Blue’s Clues – The Shape Detectives

What They’ve Earned So Far

Free entry to our local Children’s Museum, Topiary Gardens, Butterfly Farm and Save the Bay Exploration Center!



  1. This program sounds amazing! Plus, your cuties are reading some wonderful books. Everybody wins!:) Lori

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  2. Thanks mystery mommy...

    btw...just hopped over to your site and LOVE your style. Not sure if I was supposed to...but I laughed my way through your most recent post. :)