Tuesday, March 22, 2011

it might be snowing out there (because this is RI!)...

...but it's Spring up in here!


Seriously, though.  Any time you're ready to warm things up around here Mr. Sun.  The flip flops are all pulled out. 

Remember the other day.  My easy-peasy Science post.  

Well...we finally got to it...

I use my finger paint trays for EVERYTHING!  I bought mine at Michaels...but you can also find them at Oriental Trading Co.  I think I might buy another set because they are just that handy.

"What? My DS goes with me everywhere, MOM!"

I love when we get things done together. PEACEFULLY! :)

The Sister definitely enjoyed this project the most

It was so fun opening the little packages to find the different types of seeds. 

All planted and ready to grow.  On my sadly needing to be painted sills.  

Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Love those trays!! We are plating our herb garden this week and these could be just the thing!! Thanks!!!

    Following you from the Adventures in Mommness linky party!

    Michelle @ http://www.MichellescharmWorld@Blogspot.com

  2. We have similar things that my kids try to bring with them everywhere. It's kind of crazy.

    Looks like they enjoyed the planting.