Tuesday, March 22, 2011

too good not to share!

A link was posted in the yahoo workbox group I belong to that was just too good not to share... 

Is an online multi-level typing program with cute (or annoying...depending on how your view it) characters to teach your homeschoolers how to use that keyboard.  My kids are fairly proficient with the one finger Type & Peck method.  But I'd really like to bring up their WPM.  (haha) 


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  1. My little gremlins liked this program a lot, and I never had to ask them to use it - they cheerfully went through all the levels by themselves and it really helped their typing and knowledge of the keyboard.

    Your blog is super cute! came by through The Homeschool Lounge,
    Melyssa from www.thedazeofus.blogspot.com