Wednesday, March 23, 2011

he's SO cute

My Hubs actually spent some time on my lil' ole blog last night.

Without being nagged, asked or forced in any way whatsoever. 

I didn't even hint!

Which is why steak is in the crock pot for din-din tonight.  


So, this morning while we were squeezing by each other in the kitchen doing the morning shuffle.  We have a teensy kitchen.  He mentioned that he really like it.  He may have even used the word "cute"?  I'm thinking he saw the steak in the fridge when he was reaching for creamer.  But I take compliments any way I can get em'.  So he complimented my blog and then added...

But aren't you afraid you'll run out of material? 

Insert: gobs of laughter

11 years later he asks that?!

He's just SO cute!

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