Wednesday, March 23, 2011

too good not to share: adding amazon wish list to your toolbar!

I troll other homeschool blogs a lot.  A.LOT.

when I have two spare minutes to rub together, of course 

I'm always idea hunting.  And curriculum sampling.  By sampling I really mean living vicariously through what you share on your blog ( more pictures!) and mentally fiddling around to see if it might be a good fit for us.

So this morning I was out trolling.  Because (confession alert) I skipped the workout which allowed me two spare minutes to rub together.  Another blogger mommy had a review of an art curriculum.  Her review included lots of pictures (hooray for pictures - cries Kinesthetic me!) and personal feedback.  And I found myself thinking...

Hmmmmm...this is a possiblity for Little Rhody Academy.

When I find things I love while out trolling (or cyber homeschool window shopping) I always go check out prices on Amazon.

One thing led to another on Amazon.  Because those marketers.  Darn they're good!  Also, as our educational luck would have it...the 4th grader is struggling with grammar.  I found several books that I just neeeeeeeed.  Only I can't convince the budget at this precise moment so I added them to my Wish List instead. 

Now you might be more savvy than I.  And maybe have already found this.  But today was the first time I noticed a little install-y thing asking if I wanted to install my Amazon Wish List directly to my toolbar.

Did I ever!!!!! 

I clicked that little install thingy and away we went.

So now...cuddled right up next to my address bar (the long rectangle place where you type in web addresses) is a little "a" for Amazon.  It follows me every where I go.  And if there's something I'd like to add to my Amazon Wish List I just click that little "a" and wah lah.  It's added!  No more opening new pages.  Or leaving the site I'm at.

It's just SO great!  Too good not to share!

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