Monday, December 2, 2013



I (occasionally) *heart* Speech Delay

Like when Trevy calls his high tops high heels.




Bristel and I had some alone time in the car after dropping Tobin off at his engineering class. The conversation inevitably went to romance. Because clearly that's what 8 year old girls think about.


Bristel randomly broke the silence with a sigh: Sometimes I think I may never find a husband.
Me: Well, honey, it's better to wait for the right guy rather than settle for the wrong one.
Bristel: That's a good point. (pause and then giggle) Daddy looked so silly in those circle glasses he used to wear! Did you think he looked silly even though you married him?
Me: They were pretty silly! Buuuuuuut...your dad made me laugh. So that balanced that out.
Bristel: I have really high expectations, I think.
Me after choking on the fact that she's EIGHT: Well, what are your top five expectations?
Bristel: He has to love Trevor. He has to love God. He has to love me. And he HAS to love my sense of humor! Also, he needs to be funny too.


I thought that was a pretty good list.




Evidently a 5 day vacation just wasn't cutting it for Trevor. When it was time to go to school he flopped on Bristel's bed and started incessantly crying, "Not enough time!!!"




Trevor was chasing the dog around with a pair of play-doh scissors saying, "I doctor! I doctor!"

She was NOT amused. Even if the rest of us were.




Jonathan schlepped our tree up from the basement and is in the process of trying to get it all set up. Trevor has been fascinated.

He just came up to me and asked, "Little People?"

We have a Little People nativity set that we bring out with all of our Christmas gear. He hasn't seen that thing in a year!!!

That boy has an amazing memory!




I just told Trevy to open his mouth and when he obeyed I surprised him by spraying whipped cream into it.


The face he made was PRICELESS!


Now he's following me around with his mouth hanging open like a little baby bird.




Bristel loves FaceTiming her friend, Jamie. Trevor didn't quite catch her name once and called her "James" instead of Jamie on accident. It was cute but the girls tried to correct him. Big mistake. He thinks it's funny when he says things wrong and it annoys people. And when you correct him it only makes it that much more fun.


So now, every time Bristel is on FaceTime he's always hollering, JAAAAAMES! And Bristel always hollers back, "IT'S NOOOOOT JAAAAAAMES!"


This situation happens dozens of times a day and always ends in Trevor laughing hysterically. LOL




Random Bristel


I'd rather be bitten by a vampire than be surrounded by spiders.




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  1. I love every one of them, but "I doctor" is hysterical!