Tuesday, January 21, 2014

why is choosing a notebook SO hard?


I started the year by having my 7th Grader do his Spanish work on loose leaf paper. He quickly drove me bonkers because he'd lose them! Or they'd get all crumpled. The whole thing was just a hot mess.


I’d tried different ideas and had been wracking my brain for a solution for weeks when such a simple idea finally clicked.  It was actually kinda embarrassing that it took me so long to think of it!  In love





Buy a notebook and have him paste in his work!  What we could salvage and/or find anyway.  As a side note…I make everything SO complicated!  I must have spent a good 20 minutes trying to decide WHICH notebook to buy!  LOL



Because by this time I was already quite annoyed with him, I decided to go ahead and get the project started by pasting in all the pages I could find.  Rather than put him in a position to further irritate me!  But I just knew that I knew he’d glue all the pages on upside down or the whole darn thing would be sealed shut.  Is it a boy thing?  Or just an almost a teenager boy thing?  He’s SUCH a slob!  He has many wonderful qualities that I need to focus on.  But the slob thing…ugh!



My original idea was to have him write right into the notebook but he thinks the pasted in look is "cool".  Can I call it art too?  Also, he's a lefty so writing on just a single sheet of paper works better for him. Plus, when he does screen shots we can print them and paste them right in.



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