Wednesday, March 20, 2013

you might be a seizure mommy if…



you lift the “no coloring your hair until you’re 37” ban when your 8 year old daughter begs for a purple streak to support her brother!


1-Danielle Hamilton Foltz - Mozilla Firefox 3202013 125209 PM.bmp


and you like it so much that you get one too!


2-Danielle Hamilton Foltz - Mozilla Firefox 3202013 125215 PM.bmp





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  1. Love that way of supporting a family member!!! Awesome solidarity shown there :)

  2. Funny you mention the coloring at 37 because that's how old I am and I was just talking to my hubby about whether I should consider coloring now that I've started to get some grays. :) Surprisingly, my hubby said he didn't want me to color because he liked my new "stripes"... :) Your purple looks pretty! Tricia

  3. Cute! I'm going to put the badge on my sidebar

  4. Is it permanent? I got pretty cool purple hair chalk from the salon for the kids. My 3 year old loves it! It only lasts a day though (per application).

    1. It was permanent...but it's faded. Boo. I've been thinking about using the chalk too. Just for funsies.