Wednesday, March 27, 2013

from the bottom of my purplicious heart



A huge thank you to EVERYONE who joined us for Purple Day yesterday.



I know that every cause has a color. And a day. And a ribbon.



I know it can be cheesy.



I'm sure there are those who think it's all silly and pointless.



But from a battle weary mom in the seizure saturated trenches...even if an extra penny isn't raised towards finding a cure. Even if the white house never does go purple for our loved ones who battle this monster. Even if it IS cheesy and silly.



I need that breath of fresh air.  That boost of encouragement.  And it means so very much to ME (and others). To see Trevy's face light up with joy when he sees someone in purple and in his own way understands it’s for HIM and for me to feel supported and accepted and advocated WITH instead of alone.



It's powerful.



And I thank you from the bottom of my purplicious heart.






ps.  There is still time to join our linky party!  It’s a great way to heart connect with other seizure families!

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