Monday, March 18, 2013

tracking: it’s time to get serious about this potty thing



Which is not to imply that we haven’t been serious to this point, mind you.



Because we have been.



For three bloody years we have been.



Once an hour (because a schedule seems to work best for him) for three bloody years we have been potty serious.



Every gimmick, trick, theory, Elmo potty toy/book/dvd, potty training program tried once an hour for three bloody years kinda potty serious.



And it’s not that he’s entirely unsuccessful.  Although he has yet to TELL me (consistently) when he has to use the potty. But still, we’ve had stretches when I’ve actually thought we were ready to brave the big boy undies in public!  Then suddenly…we’re back to ground zero.



And it’s been frustrating.



And exhausting.



And all consuming.



And (because the tears I’ve shed over this skill are many, it bears repeating) SO thoroughly exhausting!



But here’s the thing.  I haven’t been collecting data.  Oh I’ve mentally tallied pees and poos.  Especially the poos.  Especially the smeared over every portion of his body causing mommy to have psychological breakdowns on more than one occasion poos.  The trouble with mental data (especially with a fuzzy brain like mine) is that it isn’t reliable.   And if there is one thing that ABA is teaching me (you know, other than using LESS verbal prompting) it would be how important real, hard data collection is.



So even though Excel is my enemy.  I did it.  I created a spreadsheet.





I’m using some of our ABA program’s tracking system.


U+ is for pee pees on the potty is exceedingly ABA-ish.




But because I’m a Kinesthetic learner…I wanted some color that could help me make sense of any emerging patterns.


Hence my hand written color blocks at the bottom.  In love





I’m gonna collect potty data for a couple weeks and see where we’re at.  Our home-based ABA program is also getting serious with me.  Because he’s almost six now.  And he’s SO smart! 



I just know he can DO this! 



And the data will help me see where he needs a little more support.






If nothing else…it will make Bristel very impressed that I “faced my (Excel) fears” today.  She’s all about facing her fears recently.



And because I’m all about helping other parents out…if you’d like to “steal” my spreadsheet just send me an email and I’ll whip a PDF right over!






ps.  Oh and last thought.  Other than the Time Timer watch…if anyone knows of a watch that can be set to vibrate once an hour which is also Trevy resetting and water (or whatever else Trevy might do to it) proof…please leave a link in the comments section!

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