Tuesday, January 22, 2013

upgrade the grading center



Well, pooper scooper.



I thought I’d taken a before picture of our turn in/grading system.



I’m sure you all have wonderful imaginations (or a paperwork monster of your own attacking your dining room table too!).  I’m sure you can envision PILES of papers and books and folders and pens. All attempted to be jammed into the same too-small basket!  His stuff mixed with her stuff.  Her stuff covered with maple syrup drops and sticking to his stuff.  It was a hot mess, I tell ya!  And it was a chronic source of mommy-cranky-pants making an appearance.







Something had to give!



While cleaning out the basement recently (because I always go cleaning crazy post flu) I found a deep plastic tote.  A light bulb went off in my head.  It would be perfect for a new turn in basket!  And goes great with my “use what you have”…otherwise know as “we be poor” philosophy! 





See how everything fits so nice and tidy!






I’m totally impressed with myself.



I had a couple unused cardboard magazine holders (IKEA) and was, like, duh!  Why didn’t I think of this before!  His Box – Her Box!  Now they can turn their to-be-graded work in in an organized way.  Also, only her stuff will be maple syrup sticky!






Inside my new turn in bin lives:


His Box

Her Box

All my teacher/grading manuals

A file folder for tests and papers that need to be filed away

A little pencil box with teacher tools (red pens, sticky notes, highlighters, colored pencils)







So far it’s been working out great!  I’ll have to make sure and update in a month or so.  Because you know how it goes in homeschool-ville…





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