Wednesday, January 23, 2013

her 2nd grade workboxes



Not in her workboxes…but…





Seriously.  How could I resist when she looks this cute?!



When I was her age, I remember pretending the house was a giant boat.  Always headed somewhere exotic.  She pretends it’s a castle and she’s the princess.  Every day she rotates through her “church dresses” and other outfits.  Makes it awfully hard for the grandparents to resist buying her new ones!






I’m still using and LOVING our file totes (Walmart) with hanging folders for our workboxes.








We do Math daily.



We’re using Abeka dvds (on lesson 71) for Math along with Big IQ for daily fact drills. 



I’m also super tempted to buy the Math Songs Addition app for the iPad.  I downloaded their multiplication app when it was free and it’s awesome!  I would totally go buy it right now except we’re in the middle of a MAJOR cold snap (think wind chill –5!).  If you heat your house with oil you know what that means…ugh. 



Math is her favorite subject right now!





Latin is one of our Together Projects.  We’re using Song School Latin’s dvds and workbook.



We only technically do Latin on Mondays.  But we try to practice our vocab throughout the week.



Language Arts


We’re using Abeka dvds (Letters & Sounds 2 consumables) for her Phonics work along with Language 2.


Spelling is Spelling Workout B.  She does one page a day and takes her test on Fridays.  Or at least that’s the idea!  The sickness that never ends has discombobulated our schedule!  I think we’re finally on the mend though…


To compliment Spelling Workout I’m using Spelling City.  I add her lists and then she does a daily drill on either the computer of the iPad.  Spelling City has an awesome & FREE to download  iPad app!


These are all dailies.






We’re using the Abeka readers.  Mostly because I already had them from Toby’s early years. 



How adorable is it that she and her BFF did a reading group via FaceTime?!  I can’t express enough how much I love our i-Gadgets for learning!



I also have her using Reading Kingdom daily until our review subscription expires.  I’m on the fence about buying a subscription next year.  There is so much I love about Reading Kingdom.  Spelling practice.  Typing practice.  Sentence construction practice.  But we needed to buy a new car this year…which added an extra payment to our single income budget.  A tighter budget means more difficult choice making on the curriculum front!


Both readers and Reading Kingdom are daily subjects.



History & Geography



History is one of our Together Projects.  Three times a week we meet together to study mankind’s story.  We’re using and loving Mystery of History Volume 1.  Such a great resource!



With the attack of the sickies we have fallen a bit behind in our reading.  But I definitely see us continuing with this curriculum.



We do Geography once a week.  Even though Toby already has all the states and capitols and river beds (because he’s a geo-nut) mastered, he still loves joining us for this one!






We’ve been working through one of those Target $1 bin workbooks.  Today we started working on map skills too.  My goal is work them towards free handing the maps…but for now, I’m letting them cheat with tracing paper.  I love love love tracing paper!  We use it for SO many things! 



My kids are also big fans of several geography iPad apps.





She’s in a homeschool swim class (once a week) through our local YMCA.  Bristel flits from interest to interest…but one thing she has always loved is swimming.  She’s such a little fish.  Which is why I finally asked for her to be evaluated to possibly join the competitive team.  The coach tested her last week.  I was super impressed that she could freestyle a whole length of the pool!  He said she made the team!  So we went and bought the goggles yesterday.  Yikes!






The kiddos also ice skate for an hour every Tuesday from Fall – Spring.  It’s great exercise.  A local private school donates an hour just for homeschoolers every Tuesdays!  Friends, fun and free!!!



Fine Arts


Grams is giving the kiddos piano lessons for now.  She can take them pretty far before we need to find someone else.


She practices for 15 minutes daily and has lessons once a week.


For Art I can’t tell you how much I love See The Light’s Art Class dvd program!  LOVE it!  We meet together for Art Class on Fridays.  I am an affiliate for See The Light and would be thrilled if used my special link should you choose to purchase from them!



Extra Stuff



I was sharing with a girlfriend recently that Bristel has expressed interest in drama but I have NO clue how or where to explore options.  What little digging around I had done only turned up super expensive acting classes.  Not gonna happen. 



My friend was, like, Actually, I just learned about a play that is looking for kids.



The best part is – there is NO FEE!!!!






Both our girls joined and it’s already clear that it’s gonna be AMAZING!  At first the thought of three practices a week had my knees knocking.  But after watching their last rehearsal (which had me all sappy because it was SO adorable) three practices a week sounds just about right!



And that, my friends, is a peek at how we’re rolling through 2nd Grade so far. 





  1. I love that you incorporate apps in your learning. it's so current! :) my daughter is in 2nd grade too and I'm going to check out the spelling app you mentioned.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      I am an i-Junkie! We use it for SO many things. I can't imagine education with it!


  2. That is absolutely fantastic. I'm loving hearing about it all, as we are possibly venturing into homeschool life next year! I will have a 4th grader, 2nd grader and 1st grader!

    1. Oh ,Michelle, you'd be an AWESOME homeschool mom! Come to think of already are! You do so much with the kiddos at home already it'll be an easy transition. :)


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    I don't have clue what I'm doing! So a peek into another's homeschool world is huge blessing.

    1. I LOVE that you liked this post! I can't tell you how much I love the workbox system. It's really just a modified for schoolwork visual schedule! It helps SO much!

      And you know I'm always here to help you out!!!