Monday, January 21, 2013

Kid Writing Chronicles



Trevor is in Kindergarten. 



His class uses a program called Kid Writing.  The idea is that he thinks up a sentence on his own and writes about it.  The theory being children are to write phonetically – using only the letters and sounds they know.  Clearly, we have to modify this for Trevor.  Because it takes Trevor at least twice as much time and energy to learn as typically developing children…I insisted that his Kid Writing be errorless.  I still wanted him to think up his sentence – he’s very creative.  But I DID NOT want him to learn incorrect spelling.  Can you imagine how much time that would take to re-teach!!!  So Trevor’s Kid Writing works a little differently.  Different is more fun, you know!  He thinks up his sentence.  His teacher then writes his sentence for him.  Which allows him to trace over her words and write his sentence errorless-ly!



So this weekend a paper came home for us to list 10 “idea prompts” of things Trevor might like to write about in Kid Writing.



Like a good little mommy, I called him into our School/Therapy Room and asked him what things he might find interesting to write about.  The following conversation ensued:



Me:  Trevy, we need a Kid Writing list.  What would you like to write about?


Read question above three times before proceeding.  That’s how many times I had to repeat it before he responded.  In love


Trevy: Ummmmm (pause) sleeping (pause) in (pause) bed!


Me: Okay...annnnd...


Trevor: Ummmmmm (pause) laying (pause) in (pause) bed!


Me: We already have that. Something else.


Trevor: Ummmmm (pause) getting (pause) in (pause) bed!


Me: whack head on table Smile with tongue out




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