Monday, November 5, 2012

my blog was nominated? my blog was nominated!!!



A homeschool/seizure mommy friend FaceBooked me yesterday that she voted for my blog over at The Homeschool Post.



I was all sappy like as I clicked the link to see what she meant.



I was a little clueless cause I didn’t know about the Best Nitty-Gritty Homeschool Blog 2012 vote going on over there.



To my surprise, sure enough, my blog was on the list!



The thing that was so surprising is seeing that someone else had nominated me!  When my girlfriend told me she’d voted…I just assumed that it was one of those things where you can add your own blog in if you’d like.  I thought how sweet she was to think of me. And she did…by voting for me.  But she’s not the one who nominated me!  There are is list of blogs that were already nominated to choose from! 



I was shocked and flattered and then totally, like, there must be a typo!



In love



I don’t know who nominated me…but whomever you are thank you for giving me a much need CHEER UP!  Because even though I feel corny confessing it…it totally filled me up with warm fuzzies!  And I’ve been feeling pretty nitty-gritty myself lately…and needed a good dose of warm fuzzies! 










  1. I would have nominated you if I had known about it before the nominations closed ;)