Monday, November 5, 2012

art by candlelight (pin inspired)



Like the majority of modern mommyhood…



I am a Pinterest junkie!



Most of my pins just sit on their boards collecting cyber dust.  But every now and again…a pin will come along that inspires me to stop clicking the mouse and get busy creating!



This pin (here’s the original post by Helping Little Hands) with melted crayon art looked way too fun to not try!  The Helping Little Hands post is so rich with goodness that you really need to click over there.



But in the meantime, here’s our twist on melted crayon art.




The first thing I did (other than making sure Trevy was down for his nap, of course) was to peel all the paper off our crayons.  I’m sure it wasn’t a fire hazard.  But then again…I know my children.  Sooooo…




I gave each child a tea light.


I did this with two kiddos.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this with more than that unless you have lots of adult help.  Or really really big fire extinguishers.  In love





I learned quickly that they would need scrap paper underneath their candles to catch the waxy drips.  We also learned that if we drained the wax out of our candles it kept the fire nice and big for better melt-y power.


If I would have thought about it…I’d probably have newspapered the whole table first.




In the spirit of autumn, I decided we’d create melted crayon trees.


I had them sketch their tree trunks with pencil first.  We decided it would be easier to color in the trunks with crayon and use the melted crayons to create leaves.




We tried using the melted crayon tip as a stamp and also just dripping melted crayon here and there.  Honestly, it all looked pretty.  But even more important it was FUN!




Her (2nd Grade) Masterpiece

Dancing Leaves (above)




His (6th Grade) masterpiece




They enjoyed creating melted crayon art SO much that they decided that one picture was just not enough.




Dolphins Dancing


Jewel Crusted Tub


Oh…and by the way, the fancy name for melted wax painting is Encaustic Painting and has it’s roots traced all the way back to ancient Egypt!



This project is super fun but please remember to BE SAFE!  Maybe it’s a good time to couple a fire safety unit study together with art! 






ps.  I don’t normally wear all this purple…but in case you hadn’t heard November is Epilepsy Awareness month.  Purple is the chosen color for Epilepsy   And I happen to over the moon for an amazing little boy who battles seizures.




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