Monday, October 1, 2012

Trevy and the library guy



Trevor loves…and when I say loves, I mean loves…the library. 



So as a poopy on the potty prize we decided he could tag along on my weekly rendezvous.  It’s a homeschool mommy thing. 



I may or may not be guilty of guilt tripping daddy into joining us.






I needed to do my homeschool mommy thing.  Browse the aisles.  Picking random interesting looking books.  Trying to look put together.  Like my kids are learning as much as all the other kids.  That kinda stuff.  In love



Impossible to do with Trevy.



Trevy has a way of making look entirely NOT put together.  Because it’s hard to look put together when you’re sweating like a pig and frantically shoving books back on the shelves.  True story.



As much as Trevy loves the library…I think it’s fair to say he feels the exact opposite about the leaving part.  His response can range from mild murmuring to full on melt-down-while-dragging-him-upstairs-and-don’t-make-eye-contact-with-anyone wrestling match to the car.  Feels like the last few months have all been full on tantruming  Tonight was somewhere in the middle but closer to the more mild complaining range.  We did just up his Trileptal which is not just a seizure med but also a mood enhancer.  Coincidence?



Even so, he was still letting out whiney “no fair” utterances as we left the building.



Until he noticed the guy sitting on a bench outside.  Reading.



Quick as that he was happy and chirping…






The man looked up, smiled and said hi back.



In Trevy’s world that’s what we call a green light.  To keep chatting.  And chatting.  And chatting.  With really no rhyme or reason to what he wants to talk about.  Mostly just little totally random and disconnected one to four word phrases that I have to add context to.  Provided the other party is listening.  Usually they’re not.  But this guy was sooo…



Going home…



Trevy continued.



Okay, says the man.



Trevy has the cutest facial expressions.  His emotions are so clearly seen on his face.  In his eyes.  He was super happy that the man on the bench was talking to him.  And thoughtfully glowing as we continued descending the stairs towards our car.  Until he finally belted out…






Bye, said the guy in return.



Trevy was grinning ear to ear as daddy buckled him in.  So were Jonathan and I.



It wasn’t a super lengthy conversation.  But what was amazing (aside from the man engaging with Trevy rather than ignoring him) was that it was SO organized!  There was a very distinct beginning, middle and end.



That was a first.



Trevy is usually so disorganized with his communication.  Watching him have a fully understandable convo without once needing mommy or daddy to translate was just a really big deal for us!



I’m still riding on an emotional cloud nine from that.



So funny how simple little things like that can totally make my day.  And refill my Trevy Tank to keep cheering and pushing him more.  And Lord knows I needed that refuel today.





  1. Doesn't every kid have a tantrum when they leave the library? I remember doing that all the time as a kid- and I had no meds to blame them on. :) So, what does that say about the rest of us bibliophiles? haha! Sorry for being so absent....regaining momentum....slowly but thankfully. So glad you are in KBN now!

    1. You've had a lot on your plate lately! And I've been on the quieter side too...sooooo... ;)

      I'm SO glad you invited me!


  2. That is awesome that Trevy have a great conversation with this guy and he actually responded to Trevy. Makes me feel good to hear how kind others can be. Trevy is doing great. He does have the cutest facial expressions when he is telling you something.

  3. NOt sure if the last comment I sent actually made it to you. If this is a repeat comment please delete it. If this was facebook I would but clicking the like button right now. SO nice to hear about the kindness of others. Trevy does have the cutest facial expressions when he is talking to you!