Friday, October 5, 2012

pumpkin pickin’ season




In My Life This Week


I don’t tend to share the guts of life, really.  It’s much easier to curl up inside myself when things are hard.  But then, that’s not really living honest.  And my heart’s desire is to be honest.  Always.  Even when it’s not easy.  And it hasn’t been easy lately.  In a variety of ways but mostly with Trevy.


First of all…I’ve mentioned recently that his energy and curiosity have been at an all time high.


But more than that, his behavior has been disturbing.  So angry and mean.  Unhappy about everything.  Screaming about everything. He bit my arm and his brother’s.  Opening skin even.  And it’s been heartbreakingly exhausting trying to parent him through this.  Behavior issues are by far the hardest part of our Seizure Monster story.


So last week having reached the point of desperation, I called the neuro’s office to check on recent lab work.  We measure his seizure medication levels every other month.  That poor sweet nurse who answered the phone.  I wound up boo-hoo-ing to her.  Maybe it was the fact that she was listening.  Maybe it was just how stinkin’ sweet she was.  Not once making me feel like a terrible parent.  Never making me feel like his behavior is linked to my lack of parental skills.  Even though I’d been mentally blaming myself.  Not her though.  She just listened while I gushed my fears that at this rate “they” were gonna want to lock him up in a cage someday.  She listened and encouraged me through it all.  She apologized that Dr. Neuro was out of the office that day.  I sighed and told her…we could make it through another night, I’m sure.  Evidently, her compassion was real because she called Dr. Neuro and told her she needed to call me!  Of course, Dr. Neuro called me while I was at the market.  Dr. Neuro happens to have a VERY thick Hindi accent.  You know you’re a special needs mom when you’re violating every HIPPA law ever created by shouting your child’s medical history in the middle of the milk and eggs!


It turns out that one of Trevy’s seizure meds was quite low.  She gave me the increase schedule and chatted about other things.  You know your child has profound medical issues when the specialist calls you on their cell phone and reminds you that she gave that number to you so you could cry on her shoulder when you needed.  Sigh.




For months Trevor’s behavior has slowly been spiraling out of control.  I have this thing about not wanting to be the crazy psycho seizure mom who blames every little thing on epilepsy.  So I was searching every other explanation.  Maybe his ears hurt?  I treated with Wally’s Ear Oil.  Maybe it’s sensory?  We tried joint compression, weighted vest, heavy jumping and more.  Maybe it’s just adjusting to the demands of K?  Maybe this…maybe that…


But I kid you not…the morning after we’d increased his dose he woke up a completely different boy.  Actually, he woke up the little boy I know and love!


Note to Self:  If Trevor’s behavior spikes WAY outside his norm it’s okay to play the crazy psycho seizure mommy card.



In Our Homeschool This Week


I think we’re in a nice groove.  I keep meaning to get a workbox post together.  But the time?  Who has it? 


Bristel is excelling in her Math and coming along with her Reading.


I bumped Toby up to Saxon’s Pre-Algebra based on his placement test results.  He’s so totally capable.  But not without plenty of weeping and gnashing of teeth!


Both of the kiddos are really enjoying Mystery of History.  We’re building our own replica of Stonehenge this week.  I’ll have to post pictures next!  If I find out where that time went, I mean.  Winking smile



Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing



Clearly, with all the Trevy drama…my creativity and energy has been running on fumes.


Which is why I am SO thankful for a wonderful and amazing friend who offered to take the kids to a special home school workshop on animal communication!  Seriously, Jen, that was a bigger blessing than you know!  My heart breaks every time my kids miss out on something because I’m too tired…or it conflicts with Trevy’s therapies.   You made ALL of our day by inviting them to hang out with you guys!


If you’re reading this and know a homeschool mommy who happens to have a little one with special needs…I promise you it will bless her deeply if you invite her other kiddos along for a special treat!








We also had a wonderful time with a huge group of other homeschoolers for our annual Simcock Farm Pumpkin Pickin’ field trip!  You can’t beat $5 for a hayride, corn maze, pumpkin, pumpkin ice cream and feeding the rescue animals!





if that weren’t enough fun…


We have American Heritage Girls tomorrow and ICE SKATING next week!  One of the best homeschool activities in our area is the weekly ice skating at a local prep school.  They let us use their rink for an hour each week.  It’s great exercise and friend time.  For them…and me!



What’s not working for us…



I was using Apples Daily Spelling Drills for Toby and we both just really really weren’t clickin’ with it.  So this week, I set up spelling lists for him on Spelling City and that’s working SO much better!


Another thing that wasn’t working was the way I was doing their schedules.  I spent a TON of time and energy creating a super cute grid for Bristel.  She hated it.  I’m talking…totally not into it!  It made her feel too “baby-ish”.  Soooooo…I’m trying out a new style.


1-Fullscreen capture 1052012 13007 PM   


I just fiddled around with various tables in Open Office until I was happy.  I’m already loving how I can add very specific details to each day’s lesson plan.  The picture above is a screenshot of an incomplete schedule.  If you’d like a copy of my template just leave me your email addy in the comments and I’ll send it over.  In love


I’m Inspired By


This mom’s decision to stop hiding and start being photographically present in her children’s lives.  So someday they’ll have proof she really existed!  I SO heart connected with her.  Photos of me are few and far between.  And the ones I’m actually in I’ve carefully hidden as much of myself as possible behind a child or two.  The stress of the last few years has done a number on my face & figure.  But it’s time to swallow my pride (and insecurities) and make silly faces with them for a keepsake.


A Video to Share


I married an Orioles loving man who is raising little Orioles loving youngins.  Every Spring for the last twelve years he’s said, “This is the year, Babe.  I just know it!”  Every summer, I’d console my boys.


And then the impossible happened!


For all the other girls out there loving die hard O’s fans…I leave you with this…









  1. Oh, Danielle, how crazy things have been, huh? Isn't it funny how something so seemingly small can make a huge difference with the kiddos? Let's hope that Trevy is back to himself now!

    1. I still believe there are sensory things going on too...but the anger was connected to seizure activity. His neuro said "an angry brain will result in an angry kid". :/ It was much easier to treat his seizures when they were VERY obvious. Now it's SO tricky. But the med adjustment is doing the trick! Hooray for that!



  2. I'm so glad you have a doctor who will LISTEN to you. That alone can make a world of difference.

    Take care, and don't be too hard on yourself. :o)

    1. made me smile! I do tend to beat myself up a lot. It's a first born thing!

      And it's SO true. I looooove our neuro just for that alone. It's a true blessing. :)


  3. I am so glad the change of meds has helped Trevy's behaviors. It can be so draining on you when they are out of control.

    Thank you for saying I am a blessing to you. But you are also a blessing to me. Raising Samantha as an only child and also homeschooling her its good for her to get out with other kids, to have my attention divide and not totally on her. To share me! Its been good for her. So I know its hard for you to do these things with Bristel and Toby sometimes. I am very happy to borrow your children to come along with us.

    I have to say I was very proud of all three of them at the museum. Toby for going alone with his group of children his age, after him telling Bristel that he wants to be with her. For Samantha and Bristel for reading their animal cards out loud for other to hear. The words on the card were very hard they both did their best. Both wanted to read as the other 2 in our group had their parents read the cards.

    1. They all have their funny little quirks! I'm glad your blessing to me...returned to you!