Friday, October 12, 2012

Peek at our Week (October 2012)




In My Life This Week


It’s been a busy week! 


Tummy bugs, ear drama, cranky pants, ice skating, art class, Orioles giving the Hubs heartburn…


Speaking of my Bestie… 


We got to spend a whole extra day with Daddy.  Columbus Day is one of his holidays during the year and we always ALWAYS love when he can hang out with us during day light hours.  Especially Toby, lately. 


Which reminds me.  He said the sweetest thing the other day.  We were driving to Special Olympics, just the two of us.  Suddenly he’s like this little man.  We always chat and laugh on our drive.  He was talking about the coach he’s paired with this season.  Toby thinks the world of Coach Z because he’s younger, energetic, funny and played college baseball.  I laughed and said, “he’s a hero for you, huh?”  Toby agreed right away and then added, “but Dad’s my first hero.”


Um, melt me!


Seriously, girls, this boy is a gonna be a catch! Winking smile



In Our Homeschool



It’s just been one of those weeks.


Trevy was sick with a tummy bug and it totally wreaked havoc on my plans.  Holy Spirit?  Is that you?  Teaching me how to chill-axe a little?!  I’m totally one of those moms that gets crabby patty when my plans go to pot.  Ugh.


Somehow we wound up a day behind in everything.  So we just kept pretending it was Tuesday not Wednesday.  And so on.  In love


In between our regular studies, we also enjoyed the first ice skate of the year!  It’s my very favorite activity!  It’s only an hour, they skate, I fellowship and it’s FREE!


They also participated in a really great after school art program at a local library.  They each painted a block of the Starry Night which will be displayed.  I only signed Toby and Bri up…Trevy, Grams and I hung out in the children’s section while they created.  It was a really great time!


And :: drum roll :: we finished our mini Stonehenge!



Waiting for big brother.  Radom Sidebar:  I can’t wait to paint my cabinets white!


She wanted to show you our binder time line.


Toby is a south paw (lefty) and I think his fine motor challenges are SO adorable.


Don’t take him seriously.  Because that serious face was totally in between cut ups.


And there you have it!  Our hot glued Stonehenge!


**we’re using Mystery of History Volume I for our history studies this year**



My Favorite Thing This Week


Even though I haven’t succeeded in staying awake with him…


my fave thing is that my Hubby (a die hard Orioles fan) gets to revel in his fave team since he was a boy still kickin’!  The last time the Os made the playoffs he was a boy.  And watched the games with his dad.  My husband’s dad passed away three years ago.  Watching the Os has stirred up sweet memories.


Also, I’ve always been a sucker for baseball boys.  In love



A Photo (or three) To Share


Just another reason why I homeschool…




So he can teach her (in her words)…


how to pitch like a professional!





  1. How sweet was that! Dad's his first hero..Can't get much better than that!

    Love Bristol and her timeline! Cute! Great job too!

    Stonehedge came out great! Jake has actually been there and it was one of his favorite parts of the trip. (Boo hoo! I didn't get to go!)

    So, does she pitch like a professional? LOL

    1. She thinks she does, anyway! ;)

      And yeah...I'd totally be jealous of missing Stonehenge too!


  2. very cool model of Stonehenge!! Sorry you guys were down with the sickness hope you are all better by now and have a great weekend

  3. That is a cool model of Stonehenge! I hope everyone is well this week!

  4. Glad everyone is better....I know what you mean when plans have to be abruptly changed...ugh, can be such a pain. We love Special Olympics here!! Such a great program!