Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Her 2nd Grade Workboxes



Last year I switched the big kids out of our IKEA Trofast workboxes into these wonderfully portable plastic hanging file totes!




They’ve really REALLY been working great for us.  They’re small…so they don’t take up much space.  Portable…so we can take them anywhere.  Obviously huge things don’t fit inside…but we do creatively squeeze in extra manipulative stuff.  It also helps that these totes (found mine at Walmart) have the little space on top for crayons, scissors, glue sticks and pencils.  You could always buy a pencil box and use heavy duty velcro to stick it right on top.  Unless your kiddos are more responsible than mine and can handle carrying two separate things!  Smile with tongue out




I changed her schedule to a more bland printout.  The days of the week run across the top with the subjects vertically.  Each little square gives specific details for what’s on the agenda per subject each day.



She prefers this bland blah print out…




Over a (below) super cute grid I slaved over for her!  Sigh.  She keeps reminding me that she’s “growing up after all”.  LOL




Last year I used regular folders for worksheets.  But this year, I’ve totally fallen in love with the folders with brads. 




The “to-do” works goes in the right hand pocket.  I keep a couple weeks worth of worksheets ready to go in the pocket.  But this year she can handle seeing the extra work and knows how to read and cross check which lesson she’s working on.




Completed work moves over to the left pocket.  She then drops her whole folder into my To Be Graded bin.




After I’ve graded a whole week of work, I put all the worksheets into the center with the brads!


I love it because it allows her to look back at her older work.  Also, I love to write goofy little love notes on her pages for her to find!




So what’s in today’s workboxes?



Actually, today is a weird day because yesterday did not pan out as expected.  We had an unplanned trip to the Pedi’s office for Trevy.  And even though we brought work with us…we just got behind.  So we’re pretending today is Tuesday instead.  Smile



Math is Abeka.  She had a test today.



She worked on Letter’s & Sounds (Abeka’s Phonics pogram).


Spelling (Spelling Workout B) was the first two pages of Lesson 5 plus an online Spelling drill with a program we’re reviewing.


She’ll also do a lesson of Reading Kingdom.  I loooove Reading Kingdom because it works on reading, keyboarding skills AND grammar all in the same program!


We’ll cuddle on the couch soon for reading time (Abeka readers). 


And when Trevy get’s home we’ll all watch an episode of Speekee together! 


Then later today, while Trevy is off at a Speech Therapy session with a friend…both the big kids and I will continue working on a Stonehenge replica that goes along with our History (Mystery of History) studies.  And we’ll read another chapter in our read alouds:  Outside and Inside Birds and Kidnapped.


Want to see more workboxes?  Check out Sunflower Schoohouse’s awesome blog list!





  1. Wow, this is a great post and such fantastic insights into homeschooling. I love the owl schedule. My Little A is getting to be of the age where I need to start doing visual chore charts and whatnot and this one is just so cute. Thanks for the great info.

    1. Visual chore charts are SO great!

      Thanks for all the blogliments too! ;)


  2. We're doing preK & kinder and have been focusing mainly on reading but I just purchased two of these same boxes in black to start creating more structure over the next several weeks. The bit about her preferring the simpler print out is sweet. It's so awesome to see your child have her own opinions =) Though I do like your pretty, slaved over version better! Thanks for sharing! ps. I'm in RI too!

    1. Even for littler people...these totes are SO great! It's just so easy to simplify teaching. We *heart* them.

      And very cool to "meet" another RI-er! Love that!


  3. I love your workbox grid and cards! Somehow I don't think Sam would like the cute owls though! LOL We're also using a grid and cards on the front of their work binders to keep them on a schedule and productive. We don't always get everything done, but it's nice to see most of the cards flipped to white.

    I love Reading Kingdom too, but we're taking a break for Samson's Classroom. We might go back-and-forth between the two. We'll see! LOL

    1. You make me SMILE!

      I used the grid from Homeschool Creations but then just created my own little cards. I'm hoping Trevy grows into them because Bristel is nothin' doin'! Maybe if I had put a silhouette of Paris or NYC she'd be into it.